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Baron Monilagan and Castle Monilagan - Castle Clonige and Lord Babington


A castle and certain lands, containing one cartron, or the fourth part of a caru cate, in Monilagan—half a cartron of land, in Aughengor —the castle of New ton, and a moiety of three cartrons, in Corbally and Newton—the moiety of one cartron, in Newton and Corbally—an island, and half a cartron, called the Cloninge—the castle of the Moate, and 5 cartrons in the fields of Moate; in which castle and 5 cartrons, one James OFarroll, of Clonarde, claims a propor tion, by custom of gavelkinde—the castle, and 2 cartrons, of Lisnevoa—4 cartrons,  in Killenlassaragh–8 cartrons, in Ballim"karmick—l cartron, in Bealamore, and  the lough of Mill-heade, nigh Granardkille, in co. LoNG Ford ;

 To hold to lady Marie, and Richard, baron of Delvin, their heirs and assigns, for ever, in fee farm, as of the castle of Dublin, by fealty only, in free and com mon soccage, at the rent of 27 l. 12s. 4d. irish—to find and maintain upon the lands of said priory, two able horsemen of the english nation, or born within the pale, for the defence of said kingdom—and this patent to be valid in law, not withstanding the statute of 18 Hen. vi., as referred to in no. 91, pa. 66.




Reference - Patent Rolls 100Pounds



Reference II - Delvin Grant of 1/2 of Longford