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Baron of Skryne or Screen

Scryne, also written Scryne , and Screen, which imparts its name to a barony in this county, is now a place of little consideration, but was formerly the chief seat of the De Feipo family. Adam de Feipo, on whom Hugh de Lacy bestowed large possessions in this part of Meath, built a castle here, of which the ruins still remain. The family of Marward were palatinate barons of Skryne in the fifteenth century, and remained so until the time of Queen Elizabeth, in whose reign Jenet, the daughter and heir of the last baron, carried this estate, by marriage, to William Nugent, Esq. An abbey of regular canons had existed in this town from an early period, which sank to decay in the twelfth century, or was merged in a friary of Augustinian Eremites, founded by the De Feipo family ; some ruinous traces of which are still to be seen. A new church has been recently erected at this place, with the aid of ^500 given, and the same sum lent, by the Board of First Fruits. The country in this part of Meath abounds in natural charms, and is highly cultivated.