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The Lord and Dames of Blondel and Lord and Ladies of Longford Annaly & Westmeath ™

(Seigneur of Fief Blondel Est. 1179) - Bailiwick of Guernsey- Channel Islands Normandy - A Registered Fief in the Royal Courts of Guernsey.

We would like to welcome you to our  to our international website. The 18th Lord and Seigneur of Fief Blondel et Fief L'Eperons is Commissioner/Counselor George Mentz.  Mr. Mentz is an international lawyerCounselorMentz who was and remains a student of French, Civil and International Law. It is an honor to hold the noble land designation of Seigneur of one of the last remaining legal fiefs in the world.

It was wonderful to go through the ancient legal process with the Courts and registering the Longford Seignory through legal Conveyance as this seignory conveyance has been registered for public viewing for over 20 years in Dublin.  The Seigneur of Feif Blondel is French, Scotish, German, Italian, and Irish with ancestors from Counties: Dublin, Mayo, Galway, Donegal, Kerry, Cork, and Clare.

Commissioner  Mentz will continue to maintain historical research and the traditions and customs of this ancient and noble seignory. Comm'r Mentz served as Commissioner for the USA Presidential Scholars Program 2019-22.

The Mentz Family including his lovely wife and children are The Dames of The Fief of Blondel.  From our family to yours, we wish you many blessings.

* Les Dames of Fief Blondel and Ladies of Longford-Annaly




 MENTZ BIO INFO *******************************

George Mentz is an American born international lawyer and management consultant who is known for his creation of the worlds' first graduate wealth management and banking law school programs and professional standards.

Dr.jur. Mentz has provided training thousands in over 100 nations sponsoring hundreds of courses and seminars globally - teaching thousands of bankers, VIPs, IT Profesionals, and management professionals. Further, George Mentz has codified methods of human performance, successs and wealth management in his award winning books and courses.

As the first lawyer in the USA to be triple certified in financial consulting and planning, Counselor Mentz brings his Wall Street firm and International Tax Economist experiernce to his educational programs worldwide.

After counseling some of the world's most successful leaders and entrepreneurs over the last 25 years, Mentz became determined to codify the secrets of practical entrepreneurial success so that all people maximize their potential to develop more healthy and prosperous lives.

Mentz is at the forefront of the  movement which brings tactical and practical wealth management teachings in line with psychological and behaviourial concepts to create FINWEALTH education. In the end, Mentz believes that we all have opportunity for abundant lives with independence.

** The Dames of Blondel - A Sample List of Their Probable Relatives *as per Ancestry.

KING OF ENGLAND PLANTAGENET, Henry 'Beauclerc Sinclair' 'Lion of Justice' I
King of France, Hugh Capet
King Of Scotland, James I Stewart  King of Scotland, King Robert III John Stewart "The Lame"
Margarete of Denmark, Queen of Scotland
1st Earl of Roxburgh, Sir Robert Ker Lord Ker
Peter III 'The Great' of Aragon, King of Aragon, Valencia & Sicily, Count of Barcelona
Aetheling Prince of England, Edward the Exile
Ansbach, Albrecht Margrave Of BRANDENBURG
Duke of Bavaria, Ludwig Louis I 'the Kelheimer' Wittelsbach von Bayern
Bavaria, Otto I, Duke of Bavaria
Bavaria, Otto II Otton 'the Noble' von Wittelsbach Duke of
Beaufort, Joan Queen of Scotland
Duke of Athens, William II of Sicily,
Duke of Bavaria, Stephen II
Duke of Normandy, William I "Longsword"
Duke of Ross Archbishop Saint Andrews, James of Scotland
Duke of Bavaria, Henry XVI  "the Rich"
Duke of Bavaria, Frederick (Wittelsbach)
King of England, Edmund I Eadmund
King of England, Edward III The Confessor Of
King of Scotland, Robert II Stewart,
King of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor, Albert I Duke of Austria Habsburg
NORMANDY,DUKE, Robert I 'The Magnificent' 'The Devil' I 17th ggf
FitzWalter, 2nd High Steward of Scotland / , King Alan 
James I, King of Scotland
Ap Llewelyn, King Gruffydd, High King of Wales King of All Briton
Phillippa, Queen  Wales
Andras 'Andrew' II 'Masodik Endre' 'The Jerosolimitan', King of Hungary
Emperor Habsburg, Rudolph I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
King Christian von Oldenburg, Christian I King of Denmark, Sweden & Norway I
Robert I "The Frisian" 10th Count of Flanders
King of Sweden & Norway, Johannes "Hans" Jehan I
King Charles IV of Spain
King Frederick William II of Prussia
William Henry Harrison
Annne, Queen of Great Britain
King Charles I of England
Queen Elizabeth of England
King Ferdinand I of Austria
Catherine Howard, Queen of England with Henry VIII
Friedrich I Of Brandenburg
Saxony, Elector Rudolf III 
Saxony, Frederick II the Gentle Elector of 
Sinclair (Knight Templar), William (3rd Earl of Orkney Knight Templar Sinclair) 
Stewart, Alexander 'The Wolf of Badenoch' Lord of Badenoch & Earl of Buchan 
Von Guelders Duke of Guelders, Arnold, 
Von Holstein , Countess Heilwig Rendsburg 
von Sachsen-Lauenburg, Magnus I 
Schleswig Schauenburg VI, Duke Gerhard 
King of France, Henry II 
Capet the strong Count of Paris and Poitiers 
Queen Consort of Cyprus, Jerusalem & Armenia, Constance of Sicily, 
Queen of the Germans and Holy Roman Empress, Anne Gertrude Von Hohenberg 

Schleswig Schauenburg VI, Duke Gerhard  
Johan II Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg 
Elisabeth von Braunschweig Grubenhagen Wolfenbüttel Princess von Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel 
Graf Johann VII von Nassau-Siegen 
King AEthelred II 'The Unready'  
Habsburg, Rudolph I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 
The Prophet Mohammad by descending from the Castille Dynasty of Spain and Portugal and John of Gaunt Duke Lancaster

Edgar Allan Poe   
Harry Truman  
Kevin Bacon  
Stephen King
Gerald Ford 
Andrew Johnson 
Herbert Hoover 
Rutherford Hayes 
Millard Fillmore 
Franklin Pierce 
James Madison 
Andrew Jackson 
Calvin Coolige 
George Clinton 
Jimmy Carter 
Woodrow Wilson 
James Buchannan 
John Adams 
Thomas Jefferson 
GW Bush 
GHW Bush 
Zachary Taylor 
Harry Truman 
George Washington 
Theodore Roosevelt 
Abraham Lincoln 
Barack Obama 
Jimmy Hendrix  
Helen Keller  
Johnny Cash  
Mark Twain  
Carrie Underwood  
Winston Churchill  
Ben Franklin  
Johnny Depp (Actor)  
Marilyn Monroe  (Actor) 
Brad Pitt (Actor)
Robert Redford (Actor)
Ed Norton (Actor)
Lee Marvin (Actor)
Jimmy Stewart (Actor)
Marlon Brando (Actor) 
Kristen Stewart (Actor)
John Wayne (Actor)
Reese Witherspoon  (Actor)
Blake Lively (Actor)
Chevy Chase (Actor)
Halle Berry (Actor)
Elizabeth Taylor (Actor)
John Denver "Deutchendorf"  (Musician)
Kenny Rogers (Musician) 
Janis Joplin (Musician) 
Buddy Holly (Musician) 
Roy Orbison (Musician) 
Nat King Cole (Musician) 
Jim Morrison (Musician)
Elvis Presley  (Musician)
Alex Haley 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 
David Hume 
Robert Burns 
William Faulkner 
Emily Dickenson 
Walt Whitman 
Henry David Thoreau 
Ernest Hemingway 
Edgar Allan Poe 
Mark Twain 
Stephen King 
William Randolph Hearst 
John Jacob Astor 
Howard Hughes 
Jack Daniel 
Anne Boleyn - Queen of England with Henry Viii
Upton Sinclair
William Holden - Actor
Orville Wright
Chester Arthur - US President
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Buckminster Fuller
Sitting Bull (6th Cousin)
William Penn
Humphrey Bogart
Daniel Defoe
Condelezza Rice
Denzel Washington
Joe DiMaggio 5th Cousin
Ulysses Grant
Emily Bronte (Author)
David Cameron (Prime Minister)
Henry Clay
James Garfield US President
Orson Welles
James Monroe US President
Franklin D. Roosevelt 6th Cousin
Richard Burton
Alec Baldwin (Actor)
James Dean (Actor)
Dick Cheney
Joe Louis Boxer
Jessie Owens (6th Cousin)
Sting (Musician)
George Washington Carver
Richard Nixon US President
Audrey Hepburn (Actor)
Emily Clarke - Game of Thrones
Keanu Reeves (Actor)
Frank Sinatra (4th Cousin)
Emma Stone (Actor)
Kurt Cobain (Music)
Britney Spears (Music)
Aaron Burr 5th Cousin
John Wesley (Methodists)
James Wilson (founding father USA 5th Cousin)
Jane Austen (6th Cousin)
John Quincy Adams  US President
Martin Luther King (6th Cousin)
Francis Bacon (3rd cousin)
Harriet Tubman 6th Cousin
Hugh Hefner
Lyndon B Johnson
Steve McQueen 6th Cousin
Beyonce 8th Cousin
John F. Kennedy