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Fishing Rights and Dams  - Longford Westmeath - 1556-7 Grant from Philip and Queen Mary

5 Membrane 8. 1557-8

59. Grant to Sir Richard Nugent, Baron of Delvin, of all lordships, castles, forts, houses, lands, tenements, fisheries, moors, mountains, commons, customs, and other hereditaments -whatsoever, in the towns or fields of Kilthorne, the Grange of Kilthorne, Belgarde, Collour, Faghley, Balmagythan, Great Milton, Little Milton, Gillerston, alias Gillardston, and Vallany, in the county of Westmeath; and the profits and perquisites of the court of the manor or lordship of Belgarde, a fee-farm rent of .£3 arising out of the town of Foure, and all profits to the castles, lordships, and forts appertaining or belonging; the site, precinct, and possessions of the monastery of Granarde, with all castles, forts, messuages, churches, chapels, fisheries, weirs, and other hereditaments in Granard, Tonaghmore, Ryncole, Cowldony, Cloncrawe, Derraghe, and Ballymanna, and two quarters or cartrons with a water mill on Lykebla; to hold to the said Richard Nugent and his heirs male, in capite, by knight's service, that is to say, by the twentieth part of a knight's fee, as scutage runs ; reserving to the Crown all

mines of gold and silver, if any should be found on the premises

May 7, 4s & 50.


Citation  Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reigns ...





Likebla or Lykebla Water Mill - Now Likbla ?

‘The precise location of a medieval watermill in the townland of Lickbla has not been identified. A 1558 land grant to Sir Richard Nugent, Baron of Delvin included ‘a water-mill in Likebla’ (Morrin 1861, 395). There appears to have been two mills located in Lickbla. In 1647 a fine of £15 was levied on a group of mills in Co. Westmeath to pay Captain Ignatius Nugent of the Irish Confederate Army. The sum of £3 5s 4d. was levied on 'Lady of Glancoe, or her tenants, two mills in Lickbla' (Cal. S.P. Ire., 624). The 19th century corn mills beside Lickbla House may have been located on or close to the site of the medieval mill.’





VIII.--19. Grant from the King to Rich. Nugent, lord Delvin. WICKLOW Co’. The town and lands of Ballygonanmore, lately in the tenure of Callagh Mc Brian, attainted, and Moragh Mc Brien, or one of them—half of Ballydowlin and Bolinrie, latel in the tenure of Tirleagh MC Brian Birne, attainted—Newragfi otherwise Nurath, lately in the tenure of Brian M“ Teige Birne-— Ballycatlmus or Ballycadums; lately in the tenure of Cahir and Margit M‘= Teige Birne; all which lands are now in the King’s hands, by right; rent, 1' 1‘ 8Cl Ir. wise Munygaffe, containing one small q', between the countries of Muskerry and Carbry; the ancient estate ofthe Crown; rent, 11' 8d Ir.--Thienescartie or Thynescartie, containing one small carucate in Orrery barony; parcel of the estate of James Fitz-Richard Barrie, slain in rebellion; rent, 13' 1r. TIPPERARY Co’. Leaghyshera 11, containing 5", great country measure; parcel of the estateo Tirlagh O’Brian, attainted; rent, 6' 8" Ir. KXLKENNY CITY. A house and garden in Kilkenny, between John Swectman’s lands, “7. and Boysse’s lane, E. a bake-house between S‘ Mary’s church- ard, W. and Lowe Lane, E. a toft or waste place, between said bake-house, S. and the house of Robert Forster or Forstal, N. half a house, with a garden, lying in length between the road near the market cross, E. and sir Richard Shee’s lands, W. and in breadth between Robert Rowthe’s lands, N. and S. parcel of the estate of Douske abbey; rent, 8‘ Ir. Ktuo’s Co’. In Kalles, 1,- cart. with the bog, wood, meadow, and pasture thereof; arcel of the estate of Brian Mc Moyler O’Molloy of Kalles, attainted; rent, 8‘ Ir.—-all the tithes, oblations, 8tc. of the lands of the late religious house of Monasteroris, and all other tithes, Ste. being its spiritual possessions; rent, 161 Ir. WESTMEATH Co’. All the tithes, great and small, oblations, Stc. of the lands of the late friary of Multifernane, containing the tithes of certain houses, ~ mills, weirs, and 15a arable, with the appurtenances; rent, 13‘ 4.4

Ir. KILDARB Co’. The walls ofa ruinous chapel in Lndicnstcl, called Kilkerke, and a close there, containing 3P; the ancient
estate of the Crown; rent, 1‘ Ir.—a waste toft or site of a water-'
mill in Kildroght, near St Magha’s well, lately in the possession of Laughlin Grady and W iiliam Salle, and 100 feet on each side of the said site, with the mill park, containing 9, the weir, watercourse, and soil; the estate ot the Crown; rent, 4‘ Ir. DUBLIN Co’. In Rowlagh, 2‘ of wood; parcel of the estate of James, viscount Baltiuglas, attainted; rent, 1' 9d Ir. KILKENNY Co’ and CITY. All the tithes, reat. and small, oblations, 8w: of all the lands of the friars preac ers, and of the Franciscan friars of Kilkenny; rent, 13’ It“ Ir. TIPPERARY Co’. The like of the late house of friars preachers of Cashell; rent, 13' 4" Ir. DoNEGAL Co’. The site and precinct of the late monastcr of friars preachers and mendicants otherwise the begging friars ot the B. V. Mary of Rathmollen in M‘ Swyne-Fancd’s counttt‘y—a church, a steeple, cloyster, hall, 3 chambers, an orchard, wi I 1 q' of unprofitable land, called Kilnecrosse, and I q' of the like land, called Rathmollen otherwise Ferrenbraher; rent, 6‘ 8'1. KERRY Co’. Dirreyleagh and Lomanagh, Ellanbreake, Urchoill, and Downeoslin, 1 small qr each; being the estate of the Crown; rent. 2‘ Ir. DONEGAL Co’. In the Precinct of Kilm‘krenan. Cardrorn otherwise Drume, {I q', containing by estimation 64-“; rent, 5‘ Ir. LOUTH Co’.

In Mooretowne, near Dondugin, 1 plowland; parcel of the estate of S‘ Peter’s abbey, near Armagh—in Dondugin, 80‘ arable, a water-mill, and half the fishing of Collumkillie’s weir on the river of Doudugin; parcel of the estate of John Burnell, attainted; rent, 2' 9’ 4‘1 Ir. MEATH Co’. The site, &c. of the hospital of 8‘ James, with 60a arable thereto belonging, in or near Drogheda; rent, 1' 6' 8“. KILDARE Co’. In Clonowe otherwise Clonufl'e, a meSsuagc, and 60‘; parcel of the estate of Piers Walshe of the same, attainted; rent, 1l 3‘ ltd. DONEGAL Co’. The site, Ste. of the house of Franciscan friars of Magheribegg, with 1 (1r of land adjoining—the site, &c. of the friary of Fannacharra, with 8 balliboes or eighth parts of aq' of land adjoining; rent, 135 Ir. TYRONE Co'. The site, Ste. of the house ol~ Franciscan friars, near Dungannon, with certain towns or parcels of land thereto belonging, near Dungannon, viz. Mullanahay, Tanagh, Moleboy, and 'illnemaddy, 1 balliboe each; rent, 1l Ir. DONEGAL Co’. The site, 8tc. of the friary of Ballym‘quinadoe, and its two q" adjoining, named Magherirortie and Sirgroome; rent, 10‘ Ir.-the ruinous house and site of the monastery or house of Franciscans of Balleaghan, and 3 q" of land of its possessions; rent, 105 Ir. MAYO Co’. The entire fishery of the bay, creek, or river of Moy, between the ebbing and flowing of the sea, viz. from the main Irish sea from N. to b‘. to the ford of Ardnery abbey, and thence back to the sea—the entire fishing

Coax Co’. Many other- I