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Moiety of Ardagh




Court Baron - Castel Lissenoannagh -

IX. 29.-—“ Grant under the commission for the plantation of Longford. to Thomas Nugent.—Longford County. The town and lands of Corroboymore, Correyboybegg, Aghenteskin, Carrickmacinleney, Fyermore, Aghencownalle, alias Aghenitanvally, Lissenuske, Killoge, Keallragh, Clennenegenny, Lenemore, and Corlukillog, 643a. pasture, and 46a. bog and wood, excepting thereout the lands of Ballenegoshenagh, 96a., and Ballygarnett, 296a. pasture, and 43a. bog and wood ; Cornemow, 50a. pasture, and 6a. bog and wood, barony of Longford; the castle and lands of Lissenoannagh, 113a. pasture, and 24a. bog and wood, barony of Granard ; Clonedarramner and Annaghguillen, 32a. pasture, and 298a. bog and wood; Clonfelym, Clonynbegg, Diryushy, and Derrycullin, 30a. pasture, and 137a. bog and wood, barony of Longford. To hold i n capite, by military service ; rent for the l,164a. pasture, £12 2s. 6d., Engl., and for the 554a. bog and wood, 11s. 6%d. Those lands created the manor of Correboymore, with court leet and view of frank-pledge and court baron; with power to appoint seneschals and other oflicers, with jurisdiction in all actions for covenant and trespass where the damages do owt exceed 40a., Ir.; with power to make tenures; to have free warren; to enjoy all escheats. 




To Gerard Nugent — The castle, town and lands of Lissagheneden, Killeoge and Aghnegeeragh, 372a. pasture, 76a. bog and wood, excepting 40a. pasture and 20a. moor, near BalKnrye, lately assigned to Shane O'Ferrell; Leackan, 154a. pasture and 82a. bog and wood ; Cranelaghes, 18a., barony of Ardagh ; Ballinegossanagh, in Correboy, 19a.; Gurtincaslane, 19a., barony of Longford; rent for the pasture land, £6 7s. lid., Bnglish, and for the bog and wood, 5s. 9d. 



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