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The Fief de Thomas Blondel produced “Livres de perchage” in 1595, 1644, 1680, 1709, 1775, 1809, 1844, 1876, 1901, 1921 and 1968.


The contents of the “Livres de perchage” reveal something of the history of the properties of the Fief. Several field names reflect its agricultural, social and religious history. Pre de la Hanniere recalls the growing of hemp (han) in that meadow.  Le Clos des Pommiers refers to family and not to an orchard. L’Aumone (the alms), was once dedicated to charity.

Other medieval wayside crosses are Croix Ivelin and Croix Dom Nicolle. Courtil de la Rocque Colin may have a still more ancient religious aspect, referring to a prehistoric standing stone. Les Buttes (the butts), was a place in the parish for archery practice




** Feudal Dignity of Seigneur is a Pre-Baronial Feudal Land Title of Tenure which is a  Legal Dignity of a Landholder formalized by the Offices of Conveyences in a Competent Court House of Law.